Chloe, Owen, and Macy's Photo Albums

Okay. So, I've finally organized all of the photos into albums. The most recent photo albums are at the top of the page, and each album contains anywhere from 7 to 40 photos. If you don't like the "album" organization, you can click here to see all of the photos (currently 1452 of them) on a single page. But there are so many photos that this can be kind of cumbersome.

Album #55

Chloe goes back to Summer Camp!!!

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Album #54

In which Chloe practices eating, getting pudding all over her cheeks.

And in which Macy and Owen try to hog the spotlight by being insufferably cute.

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Album #53

In which Owen puts in some halfhearted effort toward potty-training.

An generally, everyone just hangs around the house, playing with toys and living la vida loca.

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Album #52


Macy plays with her new doll. Owen and Chloe play on their trike.

And Macy and Owen go bonkers over their new kitchen.

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Album #51


The twins turn three!!!

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Album #50

In which Owen builds the greatest six-inch-tall snowman ever.

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Album #49

December 2005.

Nothing much, really.

Just hanging around the house...looking cute...breaking hearts...

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Album #48

Chloe is crawling up a storm.

She's also climging up and down the stairs by herself, or walking up stairs (with a little help). She's walking with her walker and pushing a wagon and riding around on a tricycle.

Some kids get to have all the fun.

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Album #47

Chloe poses for a glamourous pajama-oriented photo shoot.

Owen plays with a new monster truck toy and does some flirting with the camera.

Chloe goes horseback riding.

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Album #46

Owen goes to a party.

Macy practices her new walking tricks.

O and Macy take baths, and Macy makes friends with a duck.

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Album #45


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Album #44

Macy learns to walk.

The purpose of which is so that she can sneak off into the bathroom and splash around.

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Album #43

Owen wears grandpa's glasses.

And Macy gets food all over her face. Again.

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Album #42

Chloe and Julie get back from therapy camp.

Also, Owen wears some pink pajamas.

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Album #41

Julie takes Chloe to a therapy camp in Pennsylvania.

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Album #40

Julie and Chloe are getting ready to go to Pennsylvania for Chloe's therapy camp. Julie took a bunch of these photos so that she could make a "Mommy Book" for Owen to read while she was out of town.

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Album #39

A big Smith family reunion, complete with aunts, uncles, cousins, and a picnic. Also, Owen drives his car around the driveway, and Macy's body size is starting to catch up with her head.

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Album #38

Completely unnecessary caption: Chloe rides a horse.

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Album #37

In which our little Macy starts eating cereal and continues smiling all the time. Really: all the time. It's uncanny. Also, Chloe and Owen continue their hilarious antics.

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Album #36

The kids go out into the December night, checking out the Yakima Christmas lights.

Also, Chloe generously shares her swing with Owen (who sits on her), and Owen cuddles with some plush kittycats.

Happy December, everyone!

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Album #35

In which Chloe shows off some impressing standing, Owen gives Chloe some lovin' in the Johnny-Jump-Up, and Macy flaunts her adorableness. (Macy also holds up her head, but those photos are kind of over-exposed.)

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Album #34

In which the kids do the Halloween thing.
(Chloe is a tiger, Owen is a frog, Macy is a bee)

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Album #33

This collection features the first set of photos ever taken from the surface of Pluto, recorded by a robotic space probe navigating its way across the planet.

Well, no, not really. Just kidding. It's more pictures of Chloe, Owen and Macy!!

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Album #32

The kids go to the fair and see some animals. Also, lots of photos of Macy (she's new and entertaining!) and even more Chloe and Owen. You won't find these photos on any other website!!!

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Album #31

Some group photos, with Julie and me, and all the kids.

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Album #30

Attention Universe: please give a warm welcome to Macy Jane Smith, born on August 30, 2004. Isn't she great?

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Album #29

Owen eats the messiest strawberry ever. And everyone hangs out at the park.

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Album #28

Everybody puts a pillow on his or her head. It's seriously crazy.

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Album #27

In which the babies fall asleep while taking a walk with their dad, and we get a few photos of their sleepy heads.

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Album #26

In which Chloe gets exhausted playing in a tub full of beans, and Owen takes yet another bath.

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Album #25

In which the babies play with some plastic Easter eggs and crawl around in the grass.

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Album #24

In which Owen eats a banana, sits backwards in his swing, and falls asleep in his bouncer. And in which Chloe has more mellow adventures.

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Album #23

In which the family moves to Salt Lake City, Owen eats some Cheetos, and Chloe tries out the Johnny-Jump-Up

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Album #22


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Album #21

In which the babies get blessed, and grandmas & grandpas come to visit.

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Album #20

In which the kids get dressed up for Halloween and Julie's birthday is celebrated.

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Album #19

Shiny green paper. Beans and rice.

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Album #18

Eating toast and playing with blocks.

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Album #17

Conceptual detour: Benji's car gets smashed (on the freeway) by an insane maniac.

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Album #16

Laying around on blankets.

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Album #15

Swimming, cuddling, and playing.

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Album #14

Lots of naked bath pictures, and a close-up of Chloe's feeding tube.

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Album #13

Fun with babies.

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Album #12

Chloe comes home from the hospital (these pictures were taken before the pictures in album #10).

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Album #11

A bizarre, mixed-up album, with a few pictures of the babies at home, some home-renovation pictures, and tons of pictures of Benji & Julie's trip to San Francisco (two years before the kids were born).

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Album #10

Some pictures of Chloe at home.

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Album #9

Both grandmas in town. Chloe has brain surgery (again).

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Album #8

Hanging around the house with Owen. Grandma (smith) comes to visit.

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Album #7

Owen almost comes home from the hospital but doesn't. Chloe has her first shunt placed. Then Owen makes a Buddah face and comes home from the hospital for real.

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Album #6

In which we take a look around at the hospital, and investigate some of Chloe and Owen's surroundings.

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Album #5

In which Owen takes his first bath.

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Album #4

Owen wears a Christmas hat. Chloe and Owen move in together. And grandma and grandpa (Hawkins) come for a visit.

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Album #3

More life support.

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Album #2

In which Benji and Julie get to hold their babies for the first time.

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Album #1

In which Chloe and Owen are born and kept alive by machines.

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